What are the different types of generators?

What are the different types of generators?

No matter the country you come in, power outages are unavoidable. They come unexpected after severe storms and if you do not have a back power you could find some of your electrical devices destroyed by the outages. This will cause you losses amounting to millions of dollars. Generators are not the preserve of large industries only, there portable generators that have been designed for home use. At emiyanti we have a range of cheap and best quality generators for both home and commercial use.

If you have never purchased a generator you may be asking yourself what are the various types of generators. Generators often come in four categories – Diesel, EMD, Portable and natural gas generators.

Diesel generators

Diesel generators use a combination of diesel fuel and an alternator that converts the energy to electrical. Large diesel generators are used to supplement the national grid when there challenges with geothermal energy.

Portable generators

These generators often come in wheels and this makes them suitable for both home and industrial use. Most of the portable generators are used for home use. Portable generators run on gasoline.

EMD Generators

This are often low risk, low RPM electro-motive diesel generators that are used for a wide range of functions.

Natural gas Generators

As the name suggests these generators use natural gas to power them.

You will need to access your personal consumption needs when making the decision to purchase a generator. You can have generators channeling 20Kw to very large generators producing over 3000 KW. Emiyanti has cheap and best quality generators for sale.

Why should you get yourself a portable generator?

Why should you get yourself a portable generator?

It is estimated that homeowners make up the biggest percentage of portable generators owners. Some of these generators come with wheels making them ideal for movement around your backyard. Emiyanti stands out as one of the best generator suppliers. They have a wide supply of portable generators to meet your needs. They feature some top brands like Honda, Generac, Kohler, Northstar, All power America, Ramsond, Winco, Yamaha among other brands.

If you happen to live in an area where storms are frequent, then you could have challenges with power outages. This can pose various problems – especially if you work at home. Today, most households are dependent on several equipments that are powered by electricity. To enable you to continue performing the same tasks before a power outage, a portable generator comes in handy.

Generators can power your household with ease. You can know to cook your meals, communicate with the outside world, power your bulbs among other things. If you have a generator, you can continue with your lives just as normal even when there is a powerful storm.

Generators serve different purposes that include:

  • Emergency backup for homesteads
  • Recreational purposes like camping or parties.
  • Commercial generators for commercial use
  • Welding

We cannot avoid the harsh weather conditions that mother nature brings down on us. No matter how reliable a countries power supply companies are, there always will be some form of power outages. A generator is a necessity if you are going to enjoy and live like before. Emiyanti has stood out as one of the best generator suppliers in the market today.